Cloud Engineer DevSecOps – Consultant

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Cloud Engineer DevSecOps – Consultant


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Job Details

Are you enthusiast in contributing to the business purpose of the #1 Regional Insurer? Are you technologically savvy, Cloud certified, and hands-on with DevSecOps on AWS? Express your Passion with business and IT stakeholders to:

  • deliver on Cloud infrastructure and automation, towards Infrastructure as Code,
  • actively contribute to DevSecOps practices adoption throughout the company,
  • contribute to Cloud software development activities,
  • lead day-to-day activities for Auth0 and AzureAD IAM services, including administration, maintenance, monitoring, and support of IAM applications and end-users,

The role requires excellent communication skills, ability to take ownership and good analytical and reasoning skills.

Job Description

Tasks assigned for this position require an in-depth and broader understanding of AWS cloud computing, Information System administration, as well as cloud security mechanisms.

Cloud administration:

  • Proactively maintain and evolve Cloud infrastructure, including capacity management, technology obsolescence, Security and Audit, Service Level Agreements, Network, Backups, Landing Zones, …
  • Timely manage and troubleshoot issues, including internal and external escalation paths.
  • Ensure consistency with cloud architecture guiding principles
  • Keep up-to-date with emerging cloud technology trends – open source and cloud vendors such as AZURE and AWS


  • Deliver on Cloud infrastructure and automation, towards Infrastructure as Code
  • Actively contribute to DevSecOps practices adoption throughout the company
  • Setup/maintain and document CI/CD pipeline for all projects
  • Provide CI/CD support and knowledge transfer for different applications

Auth0 and AzureAD IAM:

  • Lead day-to-day activities for Auth0 and AzureAD IAM services, including administration, maintenance, monitoring, and support of IAM applications and end-users
  • Deploy changes for Auth0, and work with internal/external teams in creating the workflows
  • Deliver infrastructure and solutions towards optimal and secure SSO experiences to employees, contractors, and other customers
  • Provide knowledge and act as a subject matter expert on key principles of (IAM) with an in-depth knowledge in the areas of authentication and authorization systems, identity, and access management

Other responsibilities/descriptions:

  • Document best practices and support procedures
  • Participate in internal and external audits related to the area of the role and execute necessary actions as per the timelines
  • Provide after-hours support for emergencies as well occasional weekend maintenance

People responsibilities (for those managing teams)

(Degree to which the role/job affects the performance management, assessment, training, planning and work organization, development, etc., of the staff which make up the role/job’s team, bearing in mind the complexity of this management from two perspectives: the degree of qualification of said collaborators and the variety of areas in which they perform their functions)

Area of knowledge and business knowledge

(Solid theoretical foundation (Legislation, Finance, Systems, Actuarial Sciences, Micro DP, etc.) required for the role/job and used by the worker to properly perform his/her functions. This knowledge is principally acquired through training and also, though to a lesser extent, by experience.

This Axis must NOT be confused with academic qualifications or degrees. It defines the knowledge required in order to perform functions properly, regardless of the academic qualifications held by the person filling the role/job)

Areas of knowledge

  1. Excellent knowledge of AWS and Azure CI/CD and DevSecOps capabilities
  2. Strong experience in implementing and setting up cloud Automation on AWS and Azure
  3. Excellent and practical knowledge on IAM principles and applications
  4. Technical skills:

– Expertise in DevSecOps

– Expertise in Containerization with EKS and Dockers

– Experience with solution similar to Github, Jenkins, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible

  1. Negotiation skills
  2. Strong knowledge of common cloud security practices.

Business knowledge

  1. Strong knowledge of the cloud computing industry
  2. Basic knowledge of the insurance business
  3. Basic understanding of market practices/business processes
  4. Understanding of regulatory challenges, including compliance, data privacy, and residency.

Level of discretion

Independent thought and judgment

(This covers the planning of the human and technical resources required for managing and monitoring the various activities/projects for which the role/job is responsible.

The scope of the role/job provides the distinction between activities and projects. Generally speaking, the essence of the roles/jobs situated at the basic levels will be to perform tasks that may or may not be within projects in the short term. The essence of the roles/jobs at an intermediate level is to manage the day-to-day work and coordinate medium-term projects, while the essence of the roles/jobs having responsibility over strategy is the planning and management of long-term projects)

  1.  Ability to work independently, clearly communicate advancement and achievements and deliver concrete results.
  2. Can derive and implement a detailed action plan from high-level instructions

Level of Authorities

(The solution of problems implies the initial identification of the problem, gathering and analyzing the information required to solve the problem, and creating new solutions or approaches.

Degree of independence in decision-making, according to subjection to procedures or norms, and the degree of supervision.

Impact of the role/job, in the normal performance of its functions, on aspects such as final clients, financial results, and policies and strategies).

  1.  As per the Delegation of authority defined for a Solutions Engineer


  1. AWS Certified solutions architect / AWS Certified Developer Associate / AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
  2. Azure Administrator Associate / Azure Developer Associate
  3. ITIL v3/v4 Foundation Certification
  4. Ability to conduct training and change management
  5. Ability to be creative and consultative in defining target DevSecOps solutions supporting business ambitions

    – Ability to pair analytical and design thinking skills to help in design trade-offs

    – Ability to include future technologies and trends in today’s discussions

    – Ability to gain the trust and respect of customers in order to gain high-level strategic insight into their areas

    – Ability to develop a business case

  1. Ability to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-demanding environment

     7. Experience in assessing technical and business requirements and defining an implementation strategy.


Perks and Benefits

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