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Cloud Security

cloud security managed services

Cloud Security

We help businesses deploy secure and scalable applications on cloud OR improve security on their existing applications through Cloud Security Solutions.

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We offer a software as a service (SaaS) delivery strategy of hosted security services on the Cloud.

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Cloud Security Strategy Services

Cloud Security Strategy Services and compliance solutions against the leading cloud security benchmarks and standards. Get Complete cloud security solutions for all leading cloud providers and platforms, including AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM Cloud, OCI, and more!

Identity & Access Security

We will review all your machine-level and human identities, access details, and roles to make sure you have the best identity, permission, and access management practices in place. After the assessment, we'll make the required security changes with your consent or advise you to make the security changes.

Problem & Threat Detection

Detective mechanisms are important to detect and prevent problems before they occur. It consists of two parts - detecting unwanted or unexpected configuration or data level changes and detecting unexpected behavior. Other than the security part, doing this will also make your platform more reliable.

Infrastructure Security

This consists of three parts: infrastructure architecture assessment, network protection, and compute resource protection. Methods will vary based on your cloud provider. We have a custom benchmark created by combining leading benchmark standards such as CIS for compute resource protection.

Data Security

Data protection is an important part of Cloud Security Strategy Services. It might sound easy, but there are a lot of areas to cover. There are three parts: data classification, data-at-rest protection, data-in-transit protection. We will also give you guidelines to handle and manage data in accordance with the security standards.

Cloud Monitoring

We have services that can help you automate the recovery of compute resources and automate a few other areas with IaC tools. So, it is optional but still recommended to have a human team monitor your cloud infrastructure 24x7 to ensure maximum availability, detect, resolve, and document issues.

TecBrix Cloud Security Managed Services

It’s great if you have moved your organization’s IT to the cloud. But lack of Cloud Security Services In Cloud Computing may cause major issues. Did you know that misconfigurations of your Cloud Security Solutions can cause malicious attacks causing data breaches and loss? Such attacks can be prevented if you manage and configure your cloud security properly. Hiring cloud security managed services can help you develop strong security for your cloud, which is operational with 24/7 management.

Well-managed Cloud Security Solutions provides 24/7 management, automation, strong security configuration, and instant reporting when unusual activities occur in your cloud. Remember, a single attack can cause extreme loss of data and money. Plus, you may face regulatory compliance issues when there is no well-managed Cloud Infrastructure Security system. Employing Cloud Security Services Providers provides the protection that your business needs. It also reduces the cost of handling in-house cybersecurity.

Why Do You Need Cloud Security?

Implementing strong Cloud Security Services In Cloud Computing is a must-do strategy for businesses. If you manage your business data in the cloud, you are at risk of becoming a victim of cyberattacks and losing essential data. As a business owner, you must learn to invest your resources in Cloud Security Strategy Services, which is not only imperative for your company but also offers benefits in the long run.

Remember, security is the most crucial part to consider while using cloud technologies. Cloud security managed services provide various aspects of Cloud Infrastructure Security, such as identity and access management, virtual machine security, cloud network security, cloud firewalls, email security, and various other forms of security. Following mentioned are the benefits that cloud security services can offer to your business:

Cloud Security Services Providers Improve Automation

Setting up a Cloud Security Services In Cloud Computing system can reduce your dependency on human intervention, which automates your cloud processes and allows your organization to reduce human error. Automation also minimizes the time that you spend on managing security.

Cloud Computing Security For Efficiency

Cloud Security Services In Cloud Computing systems enhance your Cloud Computing Security and ensure regulatory compliance through automated updates and timely patching.


Your data is well-protected with Cloud Infrastructure Security due to 24/7 monitoring and threat detection.

Cloud Computing Security System Is Cost-Effective

Cloud security services might seem costly, but they provide benefits in the long run. You can’t have in-house skilled expertise to provide Cloud Infrastructure Security , which is not something easy to perform. Plus, it also prevents the cost of data breaches.

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Why Choose Us?

We understand what security means to you. We are here at your service to secure your cloud journey. We work with a dedicated cloud-managed security team that monitors your cloud environments 24/7. We believe that security is one of the main pillars of the business. So, we build it into an organization’s foundation rather than keeping it on the backburner.
Companies depend on the cloud, which is a good practice. But ensuring security should be the main concern of the business owners. We are with you from start to end. We ensure continuous monitoring even after strong security implementation. Here is what you can achieve from our cloud security services.

Security Review

We make sure to implement proper safeguards for your multi-cloud environments. Our cloud security services can reveal how your Cloud Computing Security aligns with the industry standards, such as HIPAA, PCI, NIST, DSS, GDPR, CIS, CCPA, and SOC 2.

Cloud Security Services Providers Provide Environment Monitoring

We provide continuous monitoring for multi-cloud environments. Our monitoring protects your cloud from all the vulnerabilities 24/7/365.

Threat Analysis

Our managed security services analyze and remediate potential threats

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Secure Your Cloud Environments With Us

Are you looking to secure your business data in the cloud? We are here at your service with our Cloud Security Solutions. Our 24/7 monitoring will detect every single issue occurring in your cloud environments. Get in touch with us for a secure cloud environment.

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