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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips to Consider in 2022

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As we have entered 2022, there is much more to learn and adapt, and this blog post will shed light on some valuable learnings and findings that we can adapt and apply as the hottest Digital Marketing tips in 2022. 

The post-COVID-19 era comes amidst a series of revolutions, especially in the digital and tech world. In the last two years, we have witnessed an exceptional change in the priorities and lifestyles of the masses as well as businesses. These changes persuaded businesses around the world to completely revamp their digital marketing strategies to address the evolving challenges. 

10 Digital Marketing Tips 2022 To Get Exceptional Results

Below are the top digital strategies to consider implementing in 2022.

1. Leverage Interactive & Visual Content on Social Media

According to the survey, over 70% of digital audiences prefer to consume visual content on social media, and around 50% want to watch videos. These huge numbers are enough to support your decision to produce video-based content to engage your targeted audience on social media. 

We’ve experienced a notable change in the digital makeup of social media platforms over the past two years. With the growing trend of making Facebook & Instagram Reels, videos are going to be the dominating content format in upcoming years. Up to 80% of consumers claim they would rather research their product or service by watching videos like DIYs, tutorials, reviews, or product demos. In reality, 85% of people claim to make up their purchase decision for a particular product or service after watching video content.

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You can appropriate creativity by adding an interactive touch to your brand awareness or marketing videos. Interactive videos are another type of emerging content that enables the audience to interact with the videos for a more enhanced and personalized UX. Around 45% of people prefer watching interactive content as it allows them to choose between different pieces of information.

You can also generate hot leads for your business by arranging webinar sessions on social media. Offering the “Watch Later” option for webinars is also a great way to engage a greater audience.

2. Improve UX

Google stresses the fact that your prospects prefer sites having a remarkable and seamless UX. By improving the user experience for your website visitors, you can engage them more effectively and improve your SEO ranking. You can use a range of web analytic and SEO tools to measure the efficacy of your website’s UX, including page load times, responsiveness, engagement duration, etc.

3. Mobile-Optimized Website

The use of smartphones and tablets has experienced a notable boom after the rise of COVID-19. Even B2B sales made by smartphones have witnessed a significant increase in the last two years. Therefore, it is mandatory to revamp and optimize your websites for smart devices. Apart from improving the UX for mobile visitors, it’ll help you improve your SEO rankings as well. 

4. Revamp Your Brand Website

Whether you are a B2B business or B2C, there is no point in sticking to traditional and poorly designed websites. According to the research, it takes 0.05 seconds for a website user to construct an opinion about your brand after visiting your website. Therefore, having poor UX, lack of mobile-friendly interface, slow page load speeds, and outdated information are some of the primary reasons for poor engagement and SEO rankings for any website. Your competitors are always up to improve their websites irrespective of your decision to focus on this key area or avoid it. Therefore, you need to revise and revamp your priorities, buyer persona, branding theme, SEO determinators, landing page content, and blog posts to update your website and withstand the growing market competition

5.  Leverage Modern Tools/Platforms

COVID-19 pandemic has brought a great shift in consumer psychology and priorities around the world, as people are always up to deal with everything digitally. In 2022, try leveraging some exceptional digital marketing & brand awareness strategies and tools that make it convenient for you to engage your prospects in a more personalized, streamlined, and effective fashion. Using some advance digital marketing and SEO tools also helps you align your sales and marketing teams for more synchronization throughout the buyer’s journey of your potential customers.

6. Account-based Marketing (ABM)

A newly emerged trend among all digital marketing tips in 2022 is account-based marketing or ABM. It’s a highly personalized and goal-oriented marketing practice that allows you to directly target and hook business accounts. Over 75% of B2B businesses are already gearing up to adopt the effective & proven practices of account-based marketing. Around 90% of digital marketers and lead gen specialists have found ABM offers significantly higher ROI compared to any other marketing strategy.

7. Aim Your Efforts Toward Gen Zs

Generation Z is turning out to be the most determined player in the global economy. As for now, Generation Z constitutes up to 25% of the workforce, 45% of the consumer segment, and the largest & most digitally aware generation. 

The teenagers belonging to this diverse and well-informed generation have never experienced a life without the internet and digital technologies. It makes it mandatory for all businesses to revamp their Digital Strategies and gear their marketing & sales efforts toward this influential audience segment. 

8. Revise Buyer Personas

As we have discussed earlier, consumer behavior continues to evolve at a rapid pace due to the generation jump and COVID-19 pandemic. Reassessing and revising your buyer personas is becoming has become a crucial need of time. Your buyer persona is your ideal customer profile that resonates with your potential customer’s behavior, interests, priorities, pain points, and demographics. 

9. SEO-based Content Strategy

Perform comprehensive keyword research keeping keyword intent in the frame to see what your targeted audience is looking for. Write and publish SEO blogs on the trending and most searched topics, and update your existing content by adding new keywords and relevant information. You must design your digital marketing strategy around customer service and trust-building instead of plain sales pitches. By creating informative and educational content, you can acquire the brand image of an industry leader. It further helps you in improving your SERP ranking and improves brand visibility.

10. Personalized Email Marketing

You need to engage your potential customers by sending them personalized emails based on the lead data you’ve collected from your leads and email subscribers list. For B2B businesses the designation, industry, and company size are equally important as other demographic data. Other vital aspects to consider are the web pages your prospects have visited more often, emails they’ve opened, resources or content they downloaded or subscribed for, etc. 

End Words

After going through the top 10 digital marketing tips for 2022, it’s high time to rethink your current inbound marketing model. Suppose you lack enough time, resources, and talent to keep up with the pace of evolving digital trends. In that case, opting for a lead generation service with the right skill set and proven experience in serving various businesses in your industry is recommended. 

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