Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in Banking

5 Challenges of Digital Transformation in Banking

After almost a decade-long journey, Digital Transformation for Banking has turned out to be one of the most daunting tasks. Despite the banking sector’s significant efforts to adopt digital technologies, their every attempt failed to be an icebreaker due to … Read More

Cloud Computing Impacting the Healthcare sector

How is Cloud Computing Impacting the Healthcare Sector?

The world has witnessed a remarkable shift in data production, consumption, and knowledge sharing in the healthcare sector. From the traditional approach to storing data to digitalization in healthcare, the healthcare domain has passed significant milestones in revolutionizing how it … Read More

Digital Transformation Strategy tecbrix

How to Implement Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation has caused upheavals in the digital world for almost all industries and niches since its inception. For now, most businesses are still trying hard to adapt to the latest digital technologies and handle the cultural challenges caused by … Read More

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