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Digital Oneoffice Consulting Services - tecbrix.com

“Oneoffice is much easier to use and includes all the extra features we had to buy."

Steve Tetluk, CEO Smart Idea Group

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Do I need to get a license for Word, PowerPoint and Excel?

No, OneOffice Consult comes bundled with a complete online editor that fully replaces Word, PowerPoint and Excel. We even provide you with a downloadable editor for free to run on your computer. 

Where are the servers located?
We host mainly on Huawei Cloud in their many data centers (South Africa, Abu Dhabi and Latin America). For North America and Europe, we host on Amazon (primarily) and Azure (if requested).
Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, for the Business and Enterprise plans we can setup your domain for you. Our support will be in touch to get you setup. 

What kind of SLA Guarantee do you provide?

The service is guaranteed to be up 99.99%. Historically, we only suffer when there are major internet issues unrelated to us, so you are getting best-in-class service. 

Oneoffice Consultancy - tecbrix.com
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