MySQL Admin/SQL Developer

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MySQL Admin/SQL Developer


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Job Description

MySQL Admin/SQL Developer

We are searching for a MySQL admin with SQL Developer skills, and experience with MySQL Engine (8+) – especially deployed as AWS RDS.


  • Provision MySQL instances, both in clustered and non-clustered configurations
  • Line up all database schemata across all different deployments (Schema merge)
  • Ensure performance, security, and availability of databases.
  • Prepare documentations and specifications.
  • Handle common database procedures, such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration, etc.
  • Profile server resource usage, optimize and tweak as necessary.
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.
  • Support Development team in query/structure optimization


  • Minimum 5-years experience in DB admin/SQL developer position
  • Very good knowledge of MySQL RDS and Aurora
  • Experience in MySQL 8.0+
  • Experience with replication configuration in MySQL
  • Knowledge of de-facto standards and best practices in MySQL
  • Proficient in writing and optimizing SQL statements.
  • Knowledge of MySQL features, like how to create MySQL Schedules/Events
  • Ability to plan resource requirements from high-level specifications.
  • Knowledge of limitations in MySQL and their workarounds in contrast to other popular relational databases
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools (GIT)
  • Experience in NDB cluster/big data
  • Database performance monitoring and suggest optimal solutions.
  • Should know how to write stored procedures (Add/Update/Delete) for application models.
  • Should know how to create table partitions so lookup time will be lower.
  • Troubleshooting database errors
  • As a plus
    • Linux (Ubuntu/RedHat) experience and knowledge
    • PHP (Codeigniter) interaction with MySQL
    • Familiarity with other SQL/NoSQL databases such as SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.
    • MySQL/SQL professional certificates

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