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IT experts worldwide are now learning model skills required to afford an approach toward cloud services. Companies of all scales, from enterprise-grade businesses to SMBs, are now focusing on a Modern G42 Cloud, especially experts and companies in UAE. It has enough potential to skyrocket your business growth as an intelligent, secure, & state-of-the-art cloud framework.

Cloud services have undergone rigorous improvements and expansion to offer modern working methods and remarkable growth opportunities. The post-COVID-19 era has experienced a sudden upsurge in the trend to adapt to digital transformation by different businesses across the globe. More businesses and enterprises are now making a swift move towards cloud-native frameworks.

What is G42 Cloud?

G42 or Group 42 Cloud is an AI & cloud computing facility based in Abu Dhabi, 2018. G42 made its debut in 2018 as an organization-centric on the development of AI firms in the public sector, health, finance, aviation, & tourism industry. Some of the big names in the oil and gas industry in UAE have adopted the G42 cloud to improve, automate, and expand their operations.

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G42 Cloud In The Post-COVID19 World

AI & data analytics have equipped the health industry to instantly curb the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID19 served as the fuel to boost growth in the adaptability of G42. It supports not only routine operations but also enables significant business growth. The G42 cloud platform has provided high performance, automation, & data science capabilities for the healthcare sector to deal with the growing health crisis amid COVID19.

Why Choose G42 Cloud?

Some of the key features that make G42 an eye candy for modern and expanding businesses include:

High Flexibility

G42 offers highly flexible and on-demand computational resources for enterprise-grade apps or frameworks.

Streamlined Scalability

G42 cloud’s auto-scaling feature automatically upgrades or downgrades resources based on your requirements. All you have to do is define auto-scaling policies as per your requirements. These policies easily adapt according to changes in your application or architecture while sparing your efforts from making manual adjustments to meet excessive demand. By doing so, you can leverage extraordinary cloud service with less human assistance or supervision.

Container Services

G42 cloud offers Cloud Container Engine as durable and high-end container support that enables you to handle containerized apps. It supports cloud-based frameworks like Dockers and Kubernetes. You can leverage it to run containerized applications on cloud infrastructure smoothly.

Migration to G42 Cloud

Migration to G42 is enabled by P2V & V2V migration flows to assist you in migrating your applications, data, or workloads from in-house servers or virtual machines to G42 CLOUD. Its salient features include:

Hassle-Free Migration

G42 allows you to seamlessly Migrate Your IT Infrastructure without any need to interrupt your routine operations with fewer downtimes.

Instant Switch

Migration services or protocols offered by G42 transit your data through the Internet or VPNs. It validates and outlines your data stored on an in-house system by assessing the file system. It helps in automating the transmission process to ensure maximum efficiency.

Encrypted Migration Medium

Migration is carried out using randomly generated SSL standardized encryption keys on the transmission medium to ensure data privacy.

G42 Cloud Security

G42 Cloud ensures that it addresses all your security and regulatory requirements. G42 cloud has inherited the industry’s top security framework that outstands most cloud services globally.

Secured Hosting

G42’s Host Security Service (HSS) is introduced to enhance the overall security of hosts. It offers a range of modern-day cybersecurity methodologies, including intrusion prevention & detection, vulnerability assessment, etc.

Preventing DDoS

G42 cloud is known to safeguard various Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks by assessing traffic on your web application. It helps safeguard a range of resources like the network layer and application layer from DDoS attacks. The integrated system can notify users if it finds any abnormal activity. The goal is to ensure the secure availability of resources.

Vulnerability Scanning

The vulnerability Scanning system in the G42 cloud serves as a diagnostic service to detect any potential loopholes with the help of AI technology. It is practically helpful in uncovering any hidden security risks in your cloud-hosted framework, website, or application.

Next-Gen Firewall Solution

G42 offers a well-equipped Web Application Firewall to protect your web applications from cyber threats or viruses. It assesses the traffic on your web application from different angles to uncover any hostile activities and ensure enterprise-grade security for your valuable data assets.

G42 Cloud – Database Protection

G42 cloud incorporates dedicated VPN and ML methodologies to secure your sensitive information like data masking, load balancing, intercepting host requests, as well as intrusion prevention.


The AI and ML-driven cloud platform offers modern solutions required to compete in the highly dynamic and evolving digital world. Its top-notch security, hassle-free migration, and unquestionable reliability make it an ideal cloud solution to manage and scale modern applications.

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